Daweda FX takes the award as "The best platform for investing-2018"!

The highly accomplished board panel of Show FX award has taken a decision to award Daweda FX as "The best platform for investing-2018"! This decision will definitely not become a surprise for the experts but can be quite unexpected for the broad audience. Indeed, how could young Cypriot broker founded only two years ago outperform many brokers with huge experience? Let`s find this out!

To start with, we should mention that before securing the customer ideal investing platform all Forex brokers must start with the basics: make sure they offer ideal trading conditions. These challenging task was met by the start-up with ease. The major challenge for the newcomer is to show the potential customers that this is not a one day company, which will disappear at one sunny day. So Daweda FX has brilliantly resolved this problem with offering segregated accounts to all the customers (unlike overwhelming majority of brokers that either do not offer segregated accounts at all or offer only for huge deposits). This simply waves the questions away – all the customers know that the fund are held in a separate bank account and can be sure they do work with safe and trustworthy broker. The other aspect of safety when you trade on Forex is regulation and here the approach of Daweda FX deserves highest admiration. Instead of starting first and when trying to obtain regulation (the strategy, which is taken by at least 90% of new brokers) they launched only when they actually had EU regulation showing the customers how serious is the approach.

So, as Americans say "safety first" but we can add - "trading conditions come second". And of course – you got it! Low spread and good leverage, isn`t this something you expect from all brokers? And this is exactly what you get from Daweda FX. Spread from 1.5 pips, leverage up to 1:500 – everything you might need in one place.

And here we come to the important point. You might say: "Yes this is reliable broker, good for trading, but why the best platform for investing?" Indeed at first glance you might notice that there is no PAMM system, any kind social trading and other trendy (though not always useful) things. So why? The answer is hidden in the philosophy of Daweda FX which be found in the quote on their official site:

"In order to be your chosen and respected boutique broker, we must be unique from the rest. Therefore we pride ourselves on assisting the individual currency trader with a high degree of liquidity as well as consistent, reliable, superior execution and continued client service, long after the first trade is complete".

Yes you got it right. The boutique broker will not offer you standard solutions. Instead, the investment is managed with the help of MAM accounts. But here comes the main trick:

"Daweda delivers professionally managed investment portfolios that consistently yield good returns with automatic execution. We build partnerships with a select group of Money Managers, Funds and CTAs."

This is completely new approach. Instead of providing thousands of PAMM accounts where the investors might get lost easily – Daweda FX does what the boutique broker should do – carefully select the money managers to make sure you get your profit. Isn`t this the most important in investing? And isn`t this the task which 99% of brokers even don`t try to accomplish?

Our congratulations with the award to Daweda FX. Well-deserved indeed.