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ShowFx World Online with Khalid Hamid, 10.03.2022.

On 10 March, ShowFx World Online invited all traders to take part in our free training webinar with TOP SPECIAL GUEST – Khalid Hamid!

Khalid Hamid (or better known as MK) is the founder of TFS PRICE ACTION TRADING that focuses on the education of traders in Bahasa Melayu. He also has been voted as the "Finexpo Best Trading Guru in Malaysia", an international recognition, for 2018 and 2019.

Technique? Risk management? Anything great is useless if you don`t know anything about "trading psychology". It is something that is very difficult to master, and the psychological challenges of each trader are different from each other. Exactly in his webinar, the speaker highlighted an important topic - TRADING PSYCHOLOGY: WHAT YOU KNOW vs DON`T KNOW. It was simple, easy to understand strategy and effective for immediate use.

The members of the webinar also took part in a Super Quiz held by our partner InstaForex. The winners of the Super Quiz received $1,000 and $2,000 trading bonuses. Apart from that, one member of the webinar got an Garmin Venu GPS Super Smartwatch as a reward for the answer to the trickiest question!

Our warm congratulations and see you next time! 

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