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Wallstreet Stocks ShowFx World Online bersama Tusvendran Pillai, 24.11.2022

On November 24, 2022 ShowFx World top Malaysia speaker Tusvendran Pillai presented a webinar dedicated to Wallstreet stocks. 

In this webinar, he provided important information about the US Stock Market that can help traders invest effectively in any market condition!

Topics included:

- How the stock market works.

- History of the Stock Market and it`s Evolution.

- Different Exchanges: NYSE & LSE

- How to spot Market Crashes & Bubbles ! 

- The stock indexes : DJIA , NASDAQ , S&P 500 

- What to invest during a financial crisis? 

Lucky participants won real gold bars, 1000 USD and 2000 USD trading bonuses in a lucky-draw, and the smartest and quickest ones won 2000 and 3000 USD trading bonuses at Super Quiz at the webinar. 

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