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Mastering Gold Market: Exclusive trading course with Tusvendran Pillai in Penang, 13.11.2022

On 13 November 2022 every trader had a chance to learn how a super-scalper turned 800 USD to 36,000 USD in 3 months from the GOLD market

Exclusive full-day event with Tusvendran Pillai took place at 5-star Light Hotel Penang! 

The topics included:

- Bretton woods systems 

- Nixon Shock 

- Central Bank Gold Reserve 

- FED & Gold Price 

- Golden correlation pairs 

- Equities Markets & GOLD 

Tusvendran also taught his Gold Scalping Mastery Technique, based on 3 main principles:

- Harami Candles 

- Bollinger Bands 

- Fibonacci Levels 

All participants enjoyed tasty coffee-break, delicious lunch and had a chance to win real gold bars in a lucky-draw! Total prize fund amounted to 50,000 USD

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