ShowFx World Informers

ShowFx World exhibition informers are automatically updated flash elements and flashblocks, which will notify you about the date and place of the upcoming events. You can choose the required size and configuration when installing informer on your resource.

Each informational block contains links to the exhibition pages where you will be able to find all information about the participants, upcoming contests and campaigns as well as topics of seminars and speeches.

All Exhibitions Horizontal Scrolling Mini Informer

The horizontal scrolling informer of all exhibitions with dates and cities requires little space, but makes the web resource significantly more informative.

All Exhibitions Illustrated Vertical Scrolling Informer

The illustrated scrolling informer of all exhibitions with dates and cities in the form of a brochure will definitely catch the attention of website visitors.

Next Exhibition Countdown Informer

It is impossible to miss a ShowFx World event if you have an informer counting down the days left until it. Ergonomic size of the informer, which is designed as a rectangle with rounded corners, enables web constructors to add it to the page of any architecture.

Exhibition Date & Place Mini Informer

Add color and creativity to your website by placing a small (360x60) horizontal informer with exhibition's name, date and city, and also a bright photo of the cityscape.

Exhibition Date & Place Medium Informer

The informer is similar to the one described above. It contains the name of an exhibition, its date and photo of the city it is going to take place in. It has a different size: 480x80.

Exhibition Date & Venue Maxi Informer

Similar informer to the one above of 600x100 size.

All Exhibitions Illustrated Horizontal Scrolling Informer

All ShowFx World exhibitions in one informer! The schedule of upcoming events with dates and cities is presented in the informer designed in ShowFx style.