Reliability is Mastery

NordFX has been recognized as the most reliable broker - 2017

Citing a hero of a popular movie, "I know we`re not perfect, but the safest hands are still our own!" NordFX, a well-known international brokerage company, could deservedly use this quote as their motto. The company has been awarded as the most reliable broker for the second year in a row.

Being reliable is the ability to fulfil commitments on a regular basis. How does this feature apply to financial markets?

Reliable means Reputation

NordFX was launched on the market in 2008. The broker is actively expanding its network of clients and partners around the world. For the years of its operation, more than 1,000,000 traders from more than 100 countries have opened accounts with the company.

NordFX has been included in the TOP-10 and TOP-20 best brokers for a few years at a stretch by various periodicals. NordFX is in touch with its clients through social media, online forums, and participation in expositions and conferences as the company strives to foster the utmost transparency and full understanding among all clients.

Reliable means steady

10 years of experience in the financial sector with fierce competition is enough time to assert its great expertise. Throughout its history, the company has encountered a lot of problems such as troublesome clients, competitive pressure, global and regional crises etc. However, the broker was struggling for success with dignity and confidence. The company did best according to lights to minimize traders’ risks even under force majeure circumstances like the Black Thursday for the Swiss franc or the Brexit referendum.

"The least of surprises ensures utmost stability", the company follows this motto strictly.

Reliable means modern

If a company keeps up with time, it is alert to clients’ needs and demands. Moreover, this company is always a step forward. NordFX offers traders the most popular time-tested trading platforms, MT4 and MT5. Besides, clients can use innovative technical solutions, for example the company’s own trading platform. It allows the broker to deliver clients’ orders directly there and also to receive market quotes without modifications from the ECN Currenex system.

Cryptocurrencies have won favor with investors this year. While someone is judging whether this trading instrument is a gainful investment, trading bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum has been already available with NordFX.

Reliability means partnership

NordFX offers its IB-partners the following:

  • A two-tier affiliate program which won a special nomination of Forex Awards in 2016;
  • One of the largest commissions in the brokerage industry that is 30-50% of a spread and that is worth of up to $30 per lot;
  • Financial support and assistance in arranging different promo campaigns, contests for traders, and learning seminars;
  • Participation in exclusive events and contests, held by NordFX for its partners.

All these features make a partnership with the company highly beneficial. Therefore, the number of NordFX partners exceeded 15,000 long ago.

Reliability means careful customer support

Successful trading with NordFX rests on the following basics: excellent trading conditions, leverage of up to 1:1,000, low spreads from 0 pips, and order execution for no longer than 0.5 seconds. Traders are invited to use the customer support which is available in numerous languages 5 days a week round-the-clock. It takes several minutes to open a trading account. To make a deposit and withdraw funds fast and safely, clients can choose from 20 methods, including international and the most popular regional ones. NordFX clients can enhance their trading proficiency at seminars arranged by the company’s partners and by means of a vast educational web resource on the official website. This web resource contains hundreds of articles and video materials for beginners and experienced traders.

To sum up, you should think out what you lack for efficient trading on Forex. Ultimately, NordFX can already meet your requirement.

Or your requirement will be fulfilled a bit later.

John Gordon, one of the company leaders and analytic department director, uncovered the secret behind such a flawless operation. "There is no mystery here. Since the first steps, we have put a high priority on the quality and reliability of all services offered to traders. Being just good is not enough. Whatever we do, we endeavor to do this at our best," he said, smiling.