Olymp Trade, the victory of intellectual minimalism

Our experts declared Olymp Trade the fastest growing broker in the category "Binary Options" in 2016. We understand that today when there are hundreds of reputable organizations that establish various nominations in the forex industry, including binary options, the potential customer wants to see more than the status only. So, we are more than happy to explain the decision.

The Olymp Trade platform has been on the market since 2014 but it was the year 2016 that became a breakthrough for the company. During last year, the functionality of the trading platform expanded significantly thanks to several important updates. The number of trading instruments increased a few times, new functions were introduced like a candle closing timer and setting up trader’s own time for deal, popular technical indicators were added right on charts.

In addition, the broker did not change the initial trading terms: a minimum deposit of 10 USD, a minimum transaction amount of 1 USD, and unlimited withdrawing. Of course, all these influenced the company’s tallies. According to the company`s data, in 2016 a number of registered accounts was more than 3.5 million and payments to traders jumped to $9.5 million, a nine-fold increase!

Moreover, at the beginning of 2016 the Olymp Trade platform was certified by the International Finance Commission FinaCom LPC whose experts of the financial industry are not affiliated with brokerage companies. They tested the product and gave top grades for such important categories as safety, capacity, risk-management compliance, and integrity of trade.

Currently, the platform has more than 60 assets (currency pairs, stock indices, shares and commodities) and 2 option types: the classical “Put/Call” options and expiry options.

You can answer with a skeptical grin that there are brokers offering hundreds of trading instruments and dozens of different option types but tell me how often do you trade exotic pairs? Brokers know that 95% of transactions are made with the major currency pairs. However, everybody is driven by this trend, to inflate the number of instruments to the maximum. But Olymp Trade is not. Smartex International Company, the owner of the brand, knows that traders value time the most. Traders want to understand the structure of the platform quickly and immediately find exactly what they need without spending time on searching and selecting among the infinite number of trading instruments. And Olymp Trade provides exactly what the customer wants.

At the same time, we described the Olymp Trade`s victory as the victory of intellectual minimalism for a reason. Providing a trader with what he wants is not enough.

The real secret is that this minimalism should be perfect, and that`s how it works at Olymp Trade. For example, the broker has developed its own platform instead of buying one of the hundreds of platforms available on the market. Luxury? Pragmatism. After all, if the platform is improved not only in accordance with the new trends, but also with the needs of customers, there will be more and more traders choosing this particular platform every day.

Besides, mobile applications and the mobile version of the platform, despite the popularity of "desktop" trading in Russia, make it possible to trade anywhere and anytime. That is why Android Life could do nothing, but state: "The uniqueness of the Olymp Trade mobile application is that its interface suits perfectly any gadget. You can easily roll out charts and view information". Moreover, the most respectable Forex Magnates summarized: "... the trading platform of Olymp Trade complies with international quality standards". The highest standards, we should add. Another weighty argument is reliability of the broker, committing payments within 1 day without additional fees and limitations, and there will be no doubt in their victory in the category.

If you have not traded with Olymp Trade yet, then you should try. Where else can you find a broker with a friendly 24/7 support speaking your native language and which can add another extra option especially for you?!