2trade.ru is an independent information online resource for individual and institutional investors. Among the distinctive features of 2trade.ru are self-sufficiency and impartiality secured by a team of professionals. The 2trade.ru`s audience is growing rapidly. Around 11,000 people daily browse this website with more than 1,000 visiting trader`s forum. The 2trade`s experts share their unbiased view on stock market and everything about investments, develop new trading strategies, provide an expert analysis of the MICEX and RTS exchanges, and prepare quality financial forecasts on the blue-chip index and second tier equities. Moreover, 2trade is also a news and information platform rendering relevant data and bolstering civilized trading in Russia.

The 2trade.ru resource is packed with broker`s rating, quotes, charts, leading indicators, mutual funds` portfolios, issuers, and brokers. The brokers` rating is an open monitoring of public opinion and users` feedback on brokerage services provided in Russia. Everyone can vote for or against this or that broker on the website anonymously without registration.

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