TRADERS` media

TRADERS` media GmbH is a stock market publisher specializing on education and further education around trading and stock market

TRADERS` media was founded in May 2004. From then until December 2008, the company has edited the print trading magazine TRADERS` in German and English language every month. As the German print magazine has been appeared furthermore, the English one was discontinued at the beginning of 2009. But by the end of the year, TRADERS` media will re-edit the English TRADERS` magazine in digital form and free of charge - also monthly.

The magazine has established itself as a basis of information and communication of the elite traders in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Current information about technical, mathematical and psychological aspects of the markets is discussed in professional articles as well as in interviews. TRADERS` is the dialogue base to update and enhance a trader`s knowledge.

TRADERS` is different and unique because we do not give any advice or recommendations on what to trade. This makes our content very different from any other market magazines. We are not interested in giving people certain buy and sell recommendations, but rather in teaching the basics of trading from the state of, the beginning to the professional level!

The topics of the magazine run from Day Trading, Swing Trading to Position Trading. TRADERS` covers all sorts of trading, such as trading in stock markets, options, warrants, foreign currencies, futures, Certificates, Single Stock Futures or CFDs.

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