Finance Roll

The rapid growth of investment atmosphere in Indonesia has triggered us to launch a site that provides all investment materials to Indonesian readers.

We dedicate our services to support investment activity in Indonesia and around the world.

The types of information we provide:

  • - News;
  • - Fundamental Analysis;
  • - Forex, Index and Commodity live chart;
  • - Economic Calender;
  • - Trade Signal and Comprehensive Analysis;
  • - International Banks interest rate.

Our products


A. Trade Signal

Trade Signal is a product that provides below services:

  • - Suggestion, direction in order to transact in the forex, index and commodities market, 24 hours non-stop;
  • - Trading level: support and resistant;
  • - Market trend.

Trade signal coverage

Forex: Major and cross currency

  • - Australian Dollar;
  • - Yen;
  • - Poundsterling;
  • - Swiss franc;
  • - Euro.

B. Weekly Analysis

Weekly analysis contains; previous market movements plus forecast of forex, index and commodities market. This analysis produced by Gulf Analytics and

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