Bollinger Bands Forex The Bollinger Band Website for Forex Traders.

John Bollinger`s is the only website dedicated to providing Bollinger Band analytics for the forex market. BBForex provides the widest range of Bollinger Band indicators and technical analysis tools for forex, including interactive flash charts, news updates and a portfolio section for easy tracking of selected symbol pairs. And to provide the most professional tools for trading forex, BBForex has added webbased programming, BBScript, so users can fully customize their chart indicators and analysis.

Forex traders have been telling me for years that they rely on Bollinger Bands to make their trading decisions - says Bollinger. I want BBForex to provide all the tools they need to trade forex successfully.

BBForex provides the following and more:

  • - Interactive flash charts with more than 20 technical indicators and the ability to draw TrendLines
  • - Exclusive Bollinger Band indicators not available elsewhere
  • - The option to include streaming forex news on the charts
  • - Forex grid with real-time customizable currency conversion table
  • - Lists of potential trades of currency pairs using trading systems based on Bollinger Bands
  • - Screening, analytics and signals based on Bollinger Bands
  • - Patent pending 2D and 3D charts
  • - Programming capability that runs on BBForex interactive charts About John Bollinger
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