Otkritie Brokerage house

Ukrainian office of the Otkritie Brokerage house (former Securities Specialist) combined the experience of the Russian broker and Ukrainian pioneers in the domestic Internet trading field.

Within several years on the Ukrainian service market the company managed to create one of the best customer services, to develop various trading innovations (educational TV programmes, trading diary, trading platform settings, library, videos, development of KM-Investor platform, etc.), and acquire many customers. The educational centre of the Otkritie Brokerage house became the full-fledged school which launched several investment and trading educational programmes on the regular basis.

The management board members of the Ukrainian office of Otkritie Brokerage house JSC actively participate in the process of improving the Ukrainian securities market infrastructure, have seats in the workshops of the stock exchange associations and committees, and command respect among the colleagues.

Trading is a business, and business is based on initiative. The Otkritie Brokerage house actively supports its customers in creating new strategies and implementing new ideas. There is always spirit of innovations and energies in the company.

The Otkritie Brokerage house is a member of Otkritie Financial Corporation, which also includes a large Russian bank, a brokerage house, licensed brokers in Great Britain and the USA. The company`s staff members amount to 7 thousand employees serving more than 150000 customers from all over the world. As the Corporation`s business is large-scaled, the Otkritie Brokerage house JSC can be considered as the most reliable Ukrainian brokerage company.

Using its sound experience, strict quality standards, up-to-date technologies and support of the parent company, the Otkritie Brokerage house takes the leading position on the Ukrainian service market.

Otkritie Brokerage house
Phone number: (044) 501-51-75
Address: 13th floor, Palladium City business center, 172, Antonovicha (Gorkogo) St., Kiev, 03150, Ukraine

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