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Are you a novice on Forex being in constant search of information? Or, have you been trading on the foreign exchange market for several years already, perfecting your skills? Our information portal has been designed for all traders; everyone is sure to find here something interesting. On our portal you will get what you probably lack for profitable forex trading: knowledge, practical recommendations, experience of leading traders, a range of necessary instruments, latest news and analysis of current tendencies. The Currency Turnover forex portal paves you the way to success on the foreign exchange market.

For a beginner

If you have been into trading not so long and if you are just stepping into this interesting and profitable profession, then take advantage of our educational materials such as books, articles and video lessons. In the Video Tutorials section you will find a series of videos about key forex principles and regularities.

You will learn how support and resistance levels function, see indicators on charts and discover the essence of wave and candlestick analyses; in other words, you will get plenty of knowledge helpful on Forex. The information on our portal is as easy to understand as possible, so you will quickly take it in and translate it into practice.

Welcome to the regularly updated Forex Articles section for more detailed information on the very trading process, choosing right indicators and plotting your own trading strategy. The indicators are available for downloading in the Forex Indicators for MT4 section; all of them are accompanied with comprehensive description of variables and graphical representations for each trading instrument. This section also describes how to install a certain indicator in your trading terminal.

For an experienced trader

Even skillful traders may find themselves perplexed without proper informational support and new knowledge. The Currency Turnover information portal provides you with the latest economic news with comments to help you in trading on Forex. Moreover, you can watch business TV online to keep tabs on developments in the financial and economic spheres. Online analytical reviews will give you excellent insight into the current situation on the market, so that you could decide how to act further.

We invite those who are planning to reconsider their tactics to the Trading Strategies section to have a new look at the world of Forex and choose a short-, mid- or long-term trading technique. The range of strategies represented in this section is updated on a regular basis.

Furthermore, our information portal includes a section dedicated to Japanese candlestick analysis. Traders who have been employing this tool of technical analysis will find here useful additional information. If you have been overlooking Japanese candlesticks, take a chance to learn how to handle this form of analysis and improve your trading. The material of this section includes graphical representations; it is easily-comprehensible to anyone, so studying it will not take much time.

Stay with us on the Currency Turnover information portal! Together we will proceed from the starting level to the professional one. We will track news and new tendencies of technical analysis online. Currency Turnover is a portal for traders seeking to achieve success on Forex.

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