FxFactor is a new generation monthly financial and analytical newspaper which is published both in Russia and Ukraine.

FxFactor is the first glossy business magazine where you can find information about high-income financial markets. Each issue contains analytical reviews and forecasts of the leading experts as well as historical facts and relevant information, interviews with famous businessmen, success stories of the legendary financial market figures and, what is more, educational materials for those who want to reach the top of financial success via Forex trading.

The main sections of the magazine:

  • Formula of success (everything about Forex market)
  • Facts (economic, financial news, and dealer centers news);
  • Fundamental view (history and current financial markets);
  • Figure and Flagman (stories about famous people and interviews with businessmen);
  • Risk Factor (forecasts and analytical reviews);
  • Financial street (world banks);
  • Fazenda (real estate market);
  • Finish (world-famous events);
  • Fascinating phenomenon and phaeton (hi-tech new things);
  • Fan (spot);
  • Fiesta (travelling).
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