FOREX broker rating

FOREX broker rating will shed light on Forex brokers and dealing centers.

On the FOREX broker rating website traders can:

   - find reliable information about this or that company. There is a special section where full information about brokers is comprised. Currently, the site contains 200 companies;

   - get opinions of experienced traders of different brokerages. You can just look through the reviews left by real clients who share their experience, specifying advantages and disadvantages of a particular company based on real facts. To eliminate fake feedback, the moderators do not publish the reviews until a trader proves his work with this or that company. Moreover, the portal has a unique section with experts` reviews. For this reason traders opt for the FOREX broker rating website when look for factual information;

   - make a problem public if it is not resolved by the company within the deadline or get prompt assistance in dealing with trading-related issues by sending your feedback. The moderators check the validity of every review; 

   - compare brokers by major criteria. The FOREX broker rating website has a convenient system of brokers` comparison which embraces all the necessary criteria for a company`s assessment; 

   - vote for the best broker thus shaping its reputation. However, you can vote once a day.

Besides, the FOREX broker rating website is updated daily with analytical materials: video reviews, currency market analyses, and brokers` news.

FOREX broker rating will tell you the truth about your broker!

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