TREFF offers exclusive and high-quality training on technical analysis based on the Elliott Wave theory for financial markets, including the forex market.

Having done the course, you will get:

 - An opportunity to control your risks, leaving aside your stresses from trading
 - Profit you want with minimum losses
 - Market analysis dependent only on you, not on news or opinions of others

Elliott Wave theory in Almaty

This training course is devoted to the most efficient type of market analysis based on market structure, its nature and wavy movement of prices.

At first glance, prices move is somewhat chaotic, but from the viewpoint of the Elliott Wave theory, the market has its pattern of price movements. The theory explains these patterns. Our training will help you get an insight into the psychology of price formation. In order to predict market behaviour professionally, you need to understand and determine the main structure using the Elliott Wave principle. Indeed, this is the best method of analysis. Now you can make use of it in Almaty and throughout Kazakhstan.

What is the main feature of the Elliott Wave theory?

The main feature of the theory is that the market is subject to this principle, just like the whole universe. Having learnt the wave theory, you will be able to thoroughly analyze the market and understand the psychology of people who trade. A course on the Elliott Wave theory will provide you with more clarity on global price trends and even slight fluctuations on minute charts.

Course on Elliott Wave theory includes:

 - Wave patterns
 - Golden ratio
 - Fractal geometry of the market
 - Fibonacci sequence
 - Wave laws and standards
 - Trading strategy based on the wave principle
 - Investment management

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