BANKER.KZ - information portal

BANKER.KZ is the first banking website in Kazakhstan. It was launched in 2001 with the aim of amassing information on the banking business in Kazakhstan.

BANKER.KZ is helpful for bankers, economists, students, entrepreneurs, and banks` customers. In a nutshell, BANKER.KZ is a web resource where anyone interested in finances can find reliable information, useful links, books, articles, and other materials.

The information is selected on the following principles:

- independence from finance authorities;

- unbiased coverage;

- interactivity with the target audience.

BANKER.KZ can be used as an efficient PR tool to contact the target audience as well as end users of a bank. On this website, representatives of any bank can not only make statements, but also can establish close contact with the audience.

In particular, any bank can:

- promote its brand and enhance a bank`s prestige;

- present and promote new services and products;

- collect offers from the audience as well as get feedback on new projects and services;

- post its own materials and give appropriate links in order to provide full presentation of bank`s services and products.      

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