Prostobiz - guide in business and finance world aims to simplify life of those who wants to figure out the stream of financial services for business. We post only up-to-date and helpful information (news, articles, advice, promo campaigns, and interviews) which will help you to make prompt judgments in the world of business finances.

The main feature of the website is current ratings of banking services for businesses which enable our users to compare various financial offers and make the right decisions.

Our visitors can keep themselves aware of weekly updated ratings of:

 - Credits for small and medium businesses;
 - Deposits for efficient management of corporate funds;
 - Accountancy and cash services for companies and private entrepreneurs.

In addition, the website presents other financial services for businesses such as:

 - Leasing;
 - Factoring;
 - Business insurance;
 - Project financing;
 - Investments in businesses.

The website includes the Business guide section which tells our users:

 - How to start your own business from zero;
 - How to make a correct business plan of your company;
 - How to decide on the right business strategy;
 - Should companies invest in business education and list company`s stock for an IPO;
 - How to deal with management, marketing, and keep accountancy at your company;

 - How to register a new company;
 - What taxes should a business pay and how to lower a tax load.

Please, turn your attention to the regularly updated Business bulletin about :

 - Ukraine`s banks;
 - Insurance companies;
 - Leasing companies;
 - Factoring companies;
 - Investment companies.

Our visitors can subscribe to a daily mailout of essential information.  

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