Eugeniy Shakotko - Financial analyst at Forex Club

Eugeniy has been working for Forex Club since 2014. Before joining Forex Club, he had worked on financial markets for over 10 years, in particular as a private portfolio manager. He graduated from Kyiv national university of trade and economics in 2000. Eugeniy started his career by profession in the banking sector, but he was strongly inclined to trade on exchanges. He gained experience in several brokerage companies as a trader and analyst. Evgeniy mainly works with such assets as currencies, metals, commodities, stocks, and stock indices. When trading, he makes analysis of reports called the Commitments of Traders and uses volume and wave analyses. Besides, he is an expert both in technical and fundamental analyses. Evgeniy is an author of some gainful trading strategies. One of them is a strategy of generating profit from dividends when trading stocks of international companies.

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