Petr Pleva - Professional trader and the head of WS Academy

Peter has been in the capital markets for the thirteenth year. In his early years (2004), he moved to the US and watched the development purely on stock titles. Since joining another company, he has started working on other instruments. Outside of the US, he also traded on stock exchanges in Europe. He has also had many lectures - for example, he was a pioneer in investment certificates listed in Germany, which were slowly looking for a way to market in the Czech Republic.

He was then offered a leading position in a newly established company that mediated trading for clients on stock exchanges around the world. From this position, it was just a step to opening up his own company and the Wall Street Academy educational project. In view of the experience he has gained, he has decided to open this academy. Through his videos, webinars and seminars, traders will be able to share your experience with investing in a variety of instruments across markets around the world. He also wants to alert traders to frequent mistakes and bad trading habits.

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