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8:30 pm (GMT+8)
3 Tools to Increase Profitability:
Professional Trading Strategies for the Currency Markets
with Karen Foo
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Why attend?
Coming from a finance background, Karen Foo will share with you trading strategies used by PROFESSIONAL TRADERS and HEDGE FUND FOREX TRADERS to analyse the currency markets.
Do you focus the most on technical analysis? Well, here is the news – professional traders don’t rely too much on technical analysis to generate trading ideas! This is why most retail currency traders lose money.
Exclusively in this talk, you’ll get a clearer idea of THE WAYS IN WHICH PROFESSIONAL TRADERS ANALYSE FOREX MARKETS.

We promise, it will CHANGE the way you trade!

About Karen Foo
Her journey from being labeled as the “quietest student and underachiever” to winning numerous awards and scholarships has inspired hundreds of thousands of people
Karen was voted as the “Best Trading Guru in Singapore” by Traders Awards 2019 and given the “Top Popular Analyst in Asia” award by Wikiexpo
Karen has been ranked #1 in a Singapore nationwide Forex trading competition and was also ranked 10th in a FX Street contest, competing with over 3000 traders from over 20 countries
Karen has accumulated over 100,000 subscribers on Youtube where she shares trading & investing tips to her followers from over 30 countries
Karen is co-author of a book “Turning Ideas into Profit” and a contributing author of “Your Cash Moves” investment book
Every participant can win 1000 USD, 2000 USD bonus or Huawei MatePad Pro + Free Buds 3i!
What people say about our webinars:
Mohd Herwan Sairon
It's fun to interact and learn all kinds of knowledge related to trading with different types of trading teachers for free. Thank you ShowFx!
LY Liena
Thank you ShowFx for conducted the webinar. This is my first time attending it and It is an amazing and useful experience. Look forward to attending the coming webinar.
Muhammad Hafiz Mansor
A lot of knowledge about forex can be gained here. Many free webinars are provided by the organizers. interestingly there are prizes available for those who successfully answer questions during the Webinar.
Amirul Uzair
Webinar from ShowFX is really helpful for the beginners like me. The collaboration they made with reputational coach from techtraders is a very good step to introduce the forex consultancy and a very good move to prove that they are trusted. Hopefully ShowFX will conduct more engagements with traders through events and webinar.
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