1 July
8:30 pm (GMT+8)/ 12:30 pm (GMT)
ShowFx World Online with Alistair Crooks:

Ali’s Four Pillars Of Successful Forex Trading

Join free webinar from one of the top UK traders
Topics covered at the webinar:
The 3 key areas where traders are going wrong - yet most don't even know they are doing so.
How to use strategy and discretion - so you can trade successfully in any market conditions.
The key trader thought processes Alistair ingrains in each of his students.
The importance of data and exactly what to capture and how to analyse it.
How to deploy effective risk management and then optimise the results you get
Live trading examples from Alistair and his trading team
The chance to join Alistair's global trading community.
Exclusive discounts on Training Packages and Packages
BONUS material: Ali’s Strategy Builder: Ali will walk you through one of his six core swing trading strategies for Forex, how to optimise it for lower time frame entries and he will take the time go through any current live trades.
Who is Alistair Crooks?
Alistair Crooks is a head trader and trainer at Traders Support Club (London, UK).
During 18 years of his trading experience, Alistair has worked with some of the top Forex and commodity traders of UK and US.
Alistair helps all types of traders, at all levels, ditch their bad habits, realise how to approach trading correctly, step over their emotional hurdles and grow their accounts in a consistent way.
Ali was part of the board of Global Advisors at Rich Dad Education where he shared with over 2800 delegates his skills, insights and passion for Forex trading. He speaks and coaches all over the world and has shared the stage with the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, James Caan, Mike Maloney, Erin Brockovich and others.
Ali is the co-author of the book Madness Of Money and is the one of the UK`s most sought after trading coach and mentor, as well as one of the most popular speakers at ShowFx World events.
Every participant can win 1000 USD, 2000 USD or iPhone SE!
What our attendees say about Alistair:
“I took a lot from the lectures of Alister Crooks. Overall, the conference was of an excellent was a real bomb”
Tedor Kopal, Slovakia
“Alistair Crooks is a real deal, as he shared with the audience his actual performance results and strategies that he used to achieve them”
Aleksey Kovalev, Ukraine
“It's true that sometimes just one phrase can change your whole trading approach. One of the best speakers today was definitely Alistair Crooks, now I'm his trading fan :)”
Viktoria, Bulgaria
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Geography of our events includes Moscow, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Prague, Sofia, Cyprus, Riga and more
Over 15 000 attendees around the world
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In new realities of 2020 we decided to continue providing free educational opportunities to traders by switching to online events
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1 July
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