Sweetrading.ru Project represents an information resource devoted to different aspects of trading on Forex market. Established in October 2008.

In recent years due to an up-going popularity of Forex market in the post-Soviet area and also taking into account high availability of this market for all wishing the main emphasis has been put on the currency market trading. Due to absence of any significant obstacle for trading almost anyone can take a crack at trader`s activity.

For the sake of convenience, sweetrading.ru resource is divided into sections. Calendar with the publication time of the most essential data is regularly brought to public on the website for the coming week. In the sections Psychology, Capital Management different articles are presented which contain the most valuable information on these aspects. For those who build up their skills in the trading field the following sections were created: Literature Review and Forex Magazines. Forex brokers rating is also available by means of website which is meant for helping to choose the proper company to open account with. Forex video section contains video lessons and materials for learning the trading craft.

The sections Forex Analytics and Trading Signals will be especially interesting for practicing traders.

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