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Conference in Dhaka. March 4, 2017

On March 4, a large forex community including brokers, financial experts, and traders gathered in the Olives hotel to participate in the conference.

The best forex coaches from London and local experts shared their knowledge about financial markets and efficient trading strategies with newcomers and seasoned traders.

The venue for the conference was not chosen by chance. The Dhaka stock exchange is one of the largest in South Asia in terms of trade volumes and market capitalization.

The event confirmed once again the keen interest in Asian financial markets. The conference was opened by Alistair Crooks, a head trader and coach at Traders Support Club. In his speech, he expanded on top-10 trading instruments and methods which are essential for successful trading. Over his vast 16-year trading experience, Crooks has worked with the best forex and commodity traders in the UK and the US. Many of them are his close friends now.

Guests were lucky to listen to Charlie Burton, a co-founder and senior analyst at the international project named Ezeetrader.com. In the first part of his presentation, the speaker explained how to turn a deposit of $10,000 into $100,000 in just two years. The second part was devoted to short-term trading strategies.

In front of the audience, Burton displayed how to use methods he was speaking about in online trading.

Besides, interesting reports were presented by speakers from InstaForex, a conference partner. Regional Development Manager Sergey Aleksandrov unveiled secrets behind alternative profits on Forex. Analyst and coach Rocky Yaman spoke on Price Action Theory.

Apart from lectures and seminars, the program included a traditional prize draw. So, conference guests could win valuable prizes like Samsung Galaxy A5, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, bonus certificates worth $500 and $1,000 from InstaForex, and Sony Xperia from ShowFx Asia.

All participants met forex professionals face to face, received expert advice, and found out about promo offers and bonuses from the best brokers in Asia.

The team of hosts thanks all participants in the ShowFx Asia conference for the marvelous job!      


  • Q/A session
    Q/A: Alistair Crooks and Charlie Burton


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