Conference in Bratislava. September 21, 2019

On September 21, the regular ShowFx World conference was held in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. For its long history, ShowFx World has become a center of attraction for the financial community participants. The main goal of the events held under the ShowFx World brand is to bring motivated people together to exchange knowledge and experience. 

The conference organizers always make their best to ensure that guests of the event get the opinions of leading analysts and experts, gain maximum useful information briefly and succinctly, and discuss the most pressing issues of modern exchange and currency trading. That is why ShowFx World`s list of speakers is always compiled with due attention. This time, internationally recognized experts spoke at the conference. 

Alistair Crooks is a professional trader, a co-author of Madness Of Money, and one of the most popular business coaches and mentors in the UK. Alistair told the audience why 80% of traders fail and how to stay out of this group. 

Petr Podhajsky, a professional trader and founder of, shared his 10 pieces of advice on how to prevent losses. 

David Stansel, a specialist in cryptocurrency trading, made speeches on `The Fundamental Value of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies`, `Staking as a Growing Trend`, and `Decentralized Finance (DeFi) as the Future of the Blockchain`.

Alexandros Yfantis, an analyst at InstaForex, presented the Ichimoku indicator in a new way. 

However, the main distinguishing feature of ShowFx World is the atmosphere. Guests of the event are a team. They always have the opportunity to network, discuss the latest trends in the foreign exchange market and just have a good time, communicating with the like-minded people. The conference visitors also took part in a prize draw held by the organizers and partners, particularly, by the title partner InstaForex. The winners got Samsung A50 from ShowFx World, as well as iPhone 10 and Samsung Galaxy Tab from InstaForex. 

We would like to thank all guests for coming and hope to see them at our next events.



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