Conference in Bratislava. July 8, 2017

Financial ShowFx World Conference has been held in Slovakia`s capital city for the second time. The event took place on July 8 in the Crowne Plaza Bratislava hotel in the heart of the old city. Participants had to cope with a tight program including seminars and workshops on trading, investment, and personal development. 

We invited honored speakers: certified NLP trainer Peter Sasin and professional trader and Phoenix Blue CEO Mark Owen. Peter Sasin specializes in human psychology and advancement of rhetoric skills. At the conference, he expanded on the topic Mind and emotional control techniques and principles. 

Mark Owen gained international recognition as one of the best business coaches in the field of financial markets. His theme at the conference was Analysis of the Commitment of Traders reports and how to use it for making profits on Forex. 

Apart from our special guests, the audience cheered other speakers. InstaForex analyst Sebastian Seliga spoke on trading psychology, main stages of a trading career, and pitfalls which a trader can encounter anytime. VIP Forex Club President Anton Bittner also focused on trading psychology in his speech. Founder of PEVONI - Investments & Trading Peter Vostinar presented his own trading system called Prudent Trading Approach. 

By the end of the conference, the guests were offered a prize draw so that they could win bonus certificates and valuable prizes from participating brokers. 

Once again, ShowFx World arranged a facility to unite traders and Forex experts. All participants grasped this opportunity to get to know each other and to swap experience and practical tips. 

We are very grateful to all guests and partners of the conference for their participation. Welcome to the next ShowFx World event!    

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  • Which direction will GBP/USD chart choose?
    Interview with speakers at the Conference in Bratislava.
  • Interview with Mark Owen
    Mark Owen at the Conference in Bratislava.
  • Mark Owen`s presentation at the Conference
    COT Report and How I Can Use it to Profit from the Financial Markets.
  • Peter Sasin`s presentation at the Conference
    Mind and emotional control techniques and principles.

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