Finance conference in Warsaw

A finance conference under the ShowFx World brand is scheduled for November 28, 2020 in Warsaw, Poland. Currently, we are orchestrating the program of the exposition which appeals both to beginners and savvy traders. We are glad to help anyone related to Forex!

Don`t miss our conference if:

  • you prefer to gain knowledge first-hand from experts;
  • you are interested in Forex and want to find out more about this way of earning;
  • you are keen to mingle with trading practitioners;
  • you are getting to know financial markets, looking for the right broker;
  • you are discovering new trading strategies;
  • you are developing your own trading plan.

Participants greatly benefit from the informal communication arranged by ShowFx World, leaving a lot of positive reviews. Our conferences create the favorable environment for companies to make agreements and for individuals to establish business connections. If you have never attended our expositions, make sure you include the nearest conference in Warsaw on your agenda. Welcome to the community where anyone finds inspiration for new ideas and enters into mutually beneficial partnership.

Register with our website and keep track of the news on the appropriate web page and on social media. There is no entrance fee.

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  • For more details about participation in the exhibition (seminar), please, feel free to contact us by email