Expos and seminars

Every year under the ShowFx World ShowFx Asia brands being held up to 8 financial exhibitions and conferences.

All events include educational programs, representing master classes and economic reviews on the topics of trading on financial markets, investing and personal finance management. Seminars are held by the best financial analysts, traders and experts in the field of investment.

We are always open for cooperation with educational projects and new speakers.

On this page you can find the nearest and the recent ShowFx World events and themes carried out in the framework of seminars.

Eksposisi yang akan datang

Join a free webinar from one of the famous Malaysian coaches - Tusvendran Pillai.

Join a free webinar from one of the famous Malaysian coaches - Ahmad Faizuddin.

Warsaw is the capital city and the business hub of Poland. The city with a rich history is divided in half by the Vistula river. Its advantageous geographical position contributed to the city`s economic boom. Mirror-covered skyscrapers, the contemporary urban style, and bustling streets coexist with the Old City where most landmarks are situated. Warsaw fascinates visitors in the same way like other large European cities.
Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, the main political, economic and cultural center of the country, as well as one of the largest tourist cities in Europe. Due to the high level of tourism involvement, Prague is considered to be a suitable region for investment, especially in real estate.
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Pameran yang baru-baru ini diadakan

Join a free webinar from one of the famous Malaysian coaches - Nazri Naz. In this webinar, he will talk about some of the key trading points related to settlement.

On August 8, ShowFx World Online hosted its first training webinar in the Malay language. Speaker Gero Azrul, better known as Coach Gero, was invited especially for the Malay public. With nearly 13 years of experience in the forex market, Coach Gero has helped tens of thousands of traders through online and offline seminars. In addition, the members of the webinar took part in a special contest held by our partner InstaForex.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our everyday life. The ShowFx World brand has also been influenced. During the last 10 years, the company was organizing offline events worldwide. Under the current epidemiological conditions, the ShowFx World team has decided to hold events in a new format for those who want to learn all aspect of unique trading by means of webinars with the world speakers. The organizer is taking care of the safety and health of its regular and future participants.

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Topik seminar:

  • Pengantar – Konsep Dasar dan Terminologi
  • Pasar Keuangan dan Jenis-jenisnya
  • Pelaku Pasar, Pricing dan Mekanisme Kerja Interbank
  • Analisa Teknikal
  • Analisa Fundamental
  • Siasat Trading
  • Ketentuan Capital Manajemen
  • Aspek psikologi bekerja pada pasar mata uang