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Every year under the ShowFx World ShowFx Asia brands being held up to 8 financial exhibitions and conferences.

All events include educational programs, representing master classes and economic reviews on the topics of trading on financial markets, investing and personal finance management. Seminars are held by the best financial analysts, traders and experts in the field of investment.

We are always open for cooperation with educational projects and new speakers.

On this page you can find the nearest and the recent ShowFx World events and themes carried out in the framework of seminars.

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Apart from being a modern, youthful city, Sofia is also the economic hub of Bulgaria and home to most major Bulgarian and international companies operating in the country, the National Bank and the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. In 2015, Forbes listed Sofia as one of the top 10 places in the world to launch a startup business.
Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, the developed industrial and agricultural country with healthy market economy. The city attracts investments and prints positive figures in industrial production. The most important industries in the country`s economy include chemical industry, petrochemical production, textile industry, clothing, printing, food processing, and car manufacturing.
Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, the main political, economic and cultural center of the country, as well as one of the largest tourist cities in Europe. Due to the high level of tourism involvement, Prague is considered to be a suitable region for investment, especially in real estate.
Warsaw is the capital city and the business hub of Poland. The city with a rich history is divided in half by the Vistula river. Its advantageous geographical position contributed to the city`s economic boom. Mirror-covered skyscrapers, the contemporary urban style, and bustling streets coexist with the Old City where most landmarks are situated. Warsaw fascinates visitors in the same way like other large European cities.
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Recently run seminars

Prague (Czech Republic) 12.05.18

  • Sebastian Seliga - "Modern Applications of Elliott Wave Principle to daytrading financial markets"
  • Petr Podhajsky - "Hobby vs professional trading"
  • Ondrej Hartman - "Price Acton Trading"
  • Josef Tetek - "Bitcoin and crypto: from cypherpunks to globally traded assets"
  • Ed Matts - "Trade Forex Like the Best"
  • Tomas Rozehnal - "Automated trading systems on Forex"

Kiev (Ukraine) 20.05.17 - 21.05.17

  • Nikolay Ivchenko - "Portfolio investments in 2017. What assets to bet on?"
  • Stanislav Polovitsky - "How to Apply Wave Analysis on the Market in Order to Gain, not to Lose?"
  • Aleksandr Davydov - "The interest rate policy of central banks and its impact on markets and economy as a whole."
  • Aleksandr Davydov - "Information flows as the main factor of influence on market dynamics."
  • Clive Lambert - "Using Candlestick charts with support and resistance as the basis for a trading strategy."
  • Mikhail Makarov - "Breakthrough Trading. Practice and Strategy."
  • Mikhail Makarov - "How to Choose Your Trading Instrument."
  • Sergey Atroshchenko - "Predators and victims of the financial market."
  • Roman Shkudor - "Psychological aspects of trading on stock exchanges."
  • Irina Bulygina - "Top-5 investment ideas for 2017."
  • Vladimir Malichevsky - "Personal leadership: how to manage yourself and personal efficiency."

Dhaka (Bangladesh) 04.03.17

  • Charlie Burton - "How to Turn a $10,000 Account into $100,000."
  • Charlie Burton - " The Art of Becoming a Real Life Market Wizard."
  • Alistair Crooks - "The Keys To Become A Profitable Trader."
  • Alistair Crooks - "The Top 10 Tools & Techniques Every Trader Needs For A Winning Trading Mindset."
  • Sergey Aleksandrov - "5 Secrets of Alternative Profit on Forex."
  • Rocky Yaman - "Professional Technical Analysis and Market reading."

Kiev (Ukraine) 17.12.16 - 18.12.16

  • Nikolay Ivchenko - "2016 annual results of Nobel portfolios on the US stocks. The last three years of trading experience. Ups and downs."
  • Stanislav Polovitsky - "Step by Step Plan to Develop Profitable Trading Systems."
  • Alexander Tischuk - "Quality of Life. Review, Planning, Action."
  • Aleksandr Davydov - "The Influence of Change in the US Economic Policy on FRS and the World Economy."
  • Aleksandr Davydov - "What to Expect from the Currencies of Developing Countries in 2017."
  • Mikhail Makarov - "Key Secret of FOREX."
  • Mikhail Makarov - "Breakout-based Trading Systems."
  • Semyon Tochilin - "Fibonacci levels and how to use it in trade."
  • Alexander Litvinenko - "The Importance of Trading Algorythms."
  • Alistair Crooks - "The Absolute Keys To Trading Success."
  • Sergey Aleksandrov - "How NOT to trade on Forex."
  • Aleksandr Timofeev - "Professionals against Crowd. Interaction of Markets."

Singapore (Singapore) 17.09.16

  • Ezekiel Chew - "Turning Adversity into Profits in Todays Forex Market."
  • Dr. Choo Koon Lip - "Leading edge of Money Managers and the strategies involved."
  • Zen Alldredge - " Market Makers, Fact or Fiction?"
  • Karen Foo - "The Trade Executor: 4 Power Steps to Get Started in the Craft of Trading."
  • Harsh Japee - "The Elliot Wave Principle."

Seminar Topics:

  • Introduction – the basic concepts and terms
  • Financial markets and their types
  • Market participants, pricing and work mechanism of the Interbank Currency Market
  • Technical analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Trade tactics
  • Rules of capital management
  • Psychological aspects of working in the currency market