Forex2.Info offers daily analyses and forecasts for major currency pairs and commodity instruments, such as Gold and Crude oil, done by professional analysts.

The key types of Forex analysis:

  • - Technical Analysis;
  • - Elliot Wave Analysis;
  • - Determining Trend Duration;
  • - Murray Lines Analysis;
  • - Fractal Analysis;
  • - Strategies of the strongest traders;
  • - Quantitative Analysis;
  • - William D. Gann Theory;
  • - Trading recommendations;
  • - Fundamental Analysis. was established in 2006 by the group of professional traders and analysts working on Forex.

After plenty of researches we decided to create a free website to supply the great demand for financial analysis. We provide daily analysis reports and forecasts for the exchange markets.

We aim to anticipate the price movements to a very high accuracy level. Our Forex chart analysis is a new wave in research of currency rates and quotations.

For those who have never traded on Forex before, created a special section For beginers, where you can watch the absorbing videos about what to do on Forex first and how to earn real money. Moreover, in case of any questions contact our live-support and get a consultation of our specialists.

The important thing for us is to make our customers successful traders, thus, we reckon on building long-term relationships with every client.

We genuinely wish you lucky trading, which will bring you a profit!

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