Stock Markets Group

Stock Markets Group, an analytical group, was founded in February 2008. The think tank focuses on conducting analytical research of global stock markets and essential trading instruments. The company consists of analysts and trading practitioners. Having gained vast experience in finance, our specialists carry out quality market analysis, thus lending their assistance to those, who have just begun trading in international financial markets. Customers of our project are given access to a mine of analytical information, which includes original materials and individual research of the project participants and our partners. The Stock Markets Group project is aimed at the audience who is learning to understand financial markets and work with securities. We always try our best to describe a current economic situation in the world and on trading floors with utmost clarity. Besides, you can be sure that we provide you with up-to-the-minute information that is vitally important in daily work. We are always open to cooperation. We will be pleased to see you among our steady customers or analysts of financial markets.

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