Dr. Choo Koon Lip - Founder/Director, FOREX ASIA

Recognized as one of the World`s Youngest Forex Educator in trading industry, Koon Lip is ranked as one of the top trading and investment educators by many authoritative media and featured in various media. Koon Lip is first a trader, then an educator and asset manager dealing with funds and investment-linked trusts. His flagship programme FOREX INTENSIVE was awarded `The Best Forex Education Project in Asia` back in ShowFx Asia Expo 2009. Many of his students are now full-time traders and some are already his competitors conducting trading and investment courses. 

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Fong CheenLam | 11.10.2016 10:17
Dr. Choo, long time no contact. I am one of your students in your Batch 1 in KL & would like to return to trade forex. How are you lately ? Yes, I would like to get in touch with you again. Best Regards, Fong
Karine Herera | 19.09.2016 15:36
Hello Mr Lip, My name is Karine Herera, I am managing the Business Development Department at Alvexo which is a financial brokerage. I would like to know if you can also consider any partnerships. Meaning organizing seminars for 50/100 more people, in Singapore and itf it s relevant China etc..you would take care of the speakers, and the whole marketing , bringing the investors , the traders etc...and you would get rewarded per each opening account according a defined percentage.. I dont know if you can realize these kinds of projects, can you tell me how it works for you exactly as we are very interested to work with you. Here at Alvexo, the service is what we are giving the most and that s why we are making seminars in London, France ..etc... Our goal, is to expand, and we understood nowadays, that clients are looking to meet us, to have a long term business relationship based first of all on the quality of the service and trust- We don't mind at Alvexo, to give tips to help our clients and to be on the phone with our VIP clients 3/4 days per weeks the conversations last at least an hour, we give fundamental, technical analysis, there are videos etc... Please take a look at our website: https://www.alvexo.com And here's my linkedin account : https://www.linkedin.com/in/karine-herera-a02558128?trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile_pic Please let me know what you think about this partnership. Looking forward to hearing from you, Best Regards, Karine Herera
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