Alexander Evstegneev - The founder of Azbuka Deneg (Money Alphabet) educational web portal, entrepreneur, writer

Entrepreneur, writer, investor and business coach, has educated over 10 000 people.

The author of twenty books, hundreds of articles and dozens of workshops on personal finance management and income growth. The author or `Seven Steps to Financial Freedom` which in 2013 was listed in the top ten books on finance and economics (Saphire literary award nomination).

The founder of four Kiyosaki Clubs in Moscow running Robert Kiyosaki`s Cashflow games for more than seven years.

20 years of experience of working with stocks and finances, FCSM license for dealing with stocks obtained in 1996 (Alexander sometimes refers to his personal `anti-record` of losing 100 dollars on NASDAQ in 2001).

Was trained by Bodo Shefer, Robin Sharma, Alexander Elder, Robert Kiyosaki, Keith Ferrazzi, Vladimir Dovgan.

As a result of competition organized in 2007 by the leading investment companies Alpha-Capital, OFG Invest and KIT Fortis Investments was listed in top ten financial consultants of ZAO Financial Experts.

The founder and author of Azbuka Deneg (Money Alphabet) - the biggest educational web portal on personal finance for Russian-speaking audience.

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