Aleksandr Timofeev - Smart Alpha Traders founfer, professional trader

- Aleksandr is a stock trader with trading experience of over 8 years;

- He has been managing assets in stock and futures markets of the US, Europe, and Russia (Forex, NYSE, CME, and FORTS) for 5 years;

- Record streak: not a single losing week in 10 months; 

- Average profits: from 6.5% to 17% a month; 

- He specializes in intraday trading with short risks; 

- By popular demand, he has founded a training center for stock traders called `5% Traders`, which holds educational courses on Forex, CME, NYSE, and FORTS; 

- He has founded Smart Alpha Traders, a management company, at which over 20 professional traders work; 

- In early 2016 he opened Trading Room, where he trades online with his best followers; 

- He united his best followers and opened dealing rooms in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and the Czech Republic, where traders work together under Alexandr`s supervision.

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