Wayne Ko - Markets Research Specialist & Educator

As an astute market analyst and trader, Wayne has contributed articles to BTInvest, Singapore`s leading online portal for Finance and Investment, and conducts weekly webinars viewed by thousands of traders all over Asia. Best known for his famous Short GBPAUD Trade Call where many traders netted more than 1000 pips from this one Trade Call alone. Wayne is an established trader whose warm personality and calming influence constantly draws people from all walks of life to follow him to trade the Forex market.

As an international speaker, Wayne has spoken to thousands of traders from countries all over the world including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Australiaand China. His sincere sharing of practical trading never fails to captivate his audience.During his Forex journey, Wayne has also coached many traders and some of them moved on to manage proprietary funds today. Wayne continues to trade Forex for profits on a daily basis. His passion for Forex trading has also driven him to design and create profitable trading systems and strategies suitable for complete beginners and advanced traders -- strategies that many traders are using today.Previously a computer engineer with Singapore Airlines, Wayne first started trading Forex in 2007. His stellar progress in his trading career led to him being specially appointed by CEO of one of the biggest international brokerage companies to join it in January 2016.
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