Ridzuan Rahman - Coach on trading on financial markets

Muhamad Ridzuan Abd Rahman (Trader Santai) has trading experience since 2006. He is an expert in the following areas:

1. Developing trader`s flow

2. Trading Systems Development & Testing

3. Data mining & Optimization

4. Trading Journal and Corrective Action

5. Capital & Risk Management

6. Psychology and Emotion Management

Ridzuan Rahman trained more than 5,000 traders for the past 6 years, mostly through seminars and workshops organized by brokers and marketing groups. Moreover, he wrote several hundred articles about trading and shared them on social media. From July 2006 to November 2018, he held 2-day seminars for more than 800 traders. He also conducts his own research and development in Financial Instrument Trading. He shares his view on how to become a `trained trader` to face any problem that arises during trading.

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