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Diinesh rhajah | Singapore (Singapore) | 07.08.2019 09:40
The event was hosted with great vibes and welcoming learning environment. The organizers did an amazing job and I really appreciate their efforts bringing this event
Fatima abduAlkader mahyou | Singapore (Singapore) | 07.08.2019 09:52
شكرًا لك على تنظيم المؤتمر ، ساعدتني المعلومات في الحصول على نظرة عامة أفضل عن الأسواق المالية ... لقد فهمت أيضًا الاتجاهات المختلفة الناشئة عن تطور التمويل في العالم في قطاعنا المصرفي والتأمين التشيكي.
Zoltan Radnoti | Bratislava (Slovakia) | 26.09.2019 13:09
Attendee of 2nd year in row and still delighted! I visited ShowFx in 2018 and now in 2019 and I must say I'm very happy how it went. The premises chosen well, the speakers are some of the most famous names on Internet localy or globally. So in morning I enjoyed the trading technicals and afternoon I was happy with more theoretical panels but easily understandable. ShowFx kept me so interested I stayed up until very end and some time after to have private talks with some of speakers. For zero price entry this is definitive MUST-GO value for everyone who thinks trading but also for people interested in modern finance.
Pavel Simun | Bratislava (Slovakia) | 26.09.2019 13:50
Prednaska Josef Tetek suverenne najlepsia , dakujem!!! Dufam, ze tohto speakera pozvede aj na buduci rok, jeho ekonomicky nadhlad v tak mladom veku je neuveritelny...velky palec hore
MAZGUT Peter | Bratislava (Slovakia) | 27.09.2019 06:33
Velmi dobre to bolo, vsetky prednasky boli super. Pekne usporiadatelky
Peter Vozárik | Bratislava (Slovakia) | 27.09.2019 10:50
Súťažná otázka : prepojenie architektúry a peňazí. Moja (nesprávna) Odpoveď : USD - pyramída, Biely dom, Kapitol, Hall, Pamätník Linkolna, The US Treasury Department Building in Washington. Ale áno aj na EUR je architektúra. No otázka bola postavená zle. Ale inak to bolo zaujímavé a poučné. Ďakujem.
Andrej Fiala | Bratislava (Slovakia) | 29.09.2019 17:00
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING atmosphere, trading information, mentors etc..
ShowFx World | Bratislava (Slovakia) | 28.11.2019 17:32
Dear Andrej, thank you so much! We´ll be happy to see you at our future events.