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anik rahman | Dhaka (Bangladesh) | 23.03.2017 18:52
it was a great conference . its unbelievable for me to see 2 great trader in our country . best experience for me .
Md Javed Hossain | Dhaka (Bangladesh) | 16.03.2017 15:05
Nice Event, I liked the overall structure of the conference and the speakers. Alistair Crooks, Charlie Burton as well as Rocky Yaman ,all are great. waiting for next event.
Haditul Islam Samit | Dhaka (Bangladesh) | 09.03.2017 12:37
Today Me and My Friend Sabbir Ahmed Khan Participate into the conference. We had a great experience for the first time in our life. Thank you for coming to our country and give us that opportunity to make money with new ideas with tradings. I really enjoyed the hospitality and tell you all the very best. I will be in touch with you.
S M Hasib | Dhaka (Bangladesh) | 05.03.2017 02:57
i like this event. crooks and burton were excellent!
Chung Wei Tat | Singapore (Singapore) | 01.10.2016 18:02
This is the first ever forex event i went to and it was not disappointing at well! Despite being at a prime area for event, it was free. It was coupled with various forex companies promoting their services and well-engaged and knowledgeable speakers. They made the talks interesting with their personal life experience. With the talks and slides sent to us after the event, we are able to recap and enhance our existing trading knowledge. Looking forward to the next show! Cheers!
ShowFx World | Singapore (Singapore) | 04.10.2016 09:13
Dear Chung Wei Tat, thanks so much! See you in Singapore at ShowFx Asia 2017!
YEO HOCK SIEW | Singapore (Singapore) | 18.09.2016 03:23
This is the first time I attended the Showfx show in Singapore held on 17 Sep 2016. The mix of speakers has been carefully chosen and they were very knowledgeable and passionate when delivering their speeches. There were plenty of nuggets of useful information and tips that were given by the speakers that attendees can take home and add on to their skill levels. I found that this is a very well organized show and the one day spent at the show was a very fruitful one. I will recommend my friends to attend the next show and look forward to attending the next show in Singapore. Thank you.
ShowFx World | Singapore (Singapore) | 04.10.2016 08:57
Dear YEO HOCK SIEW, thank you for your kind words. We're looking forward to see you and your friends at our next event in Singapore! <br>
Jaroslav Vomacka | Bratislava (Slovakia) | 25.04.2016 04:40
Hello, I would like to thank you as well. I learned a lot of new things and still can not believe that exhibition of this size and quality is free for people. What I would improve is lenght of time for presentations. It was seen that for \"lecturers\" was not easy to fit all the informations to so short time. But you did very good job with organization and cant wait for another one.
ShowFx World | Bratislava (Slovakia) | 06.06.2016 09:01
Jaroslav, thank you for your kind feedback! <br>