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Vladimir Vysmek | Bratislava (Slovakia) | 17.04.2016 19:55
Thank you for organization. I would like to give you my feedback - it was exhibition with good presenters. What should be improved is start of presentations which are disturbed by discussion of exhibitiors on their kiosk with participants. And as well open doors to entrance hall. I think it would be good to organize the people (close the door, instruct people to interrupt discussion).
ShowFx World | Bratislava (Slovakia) | 06.06.2016 09:02
Vladimir, thank you for feedback! We'll take all that into account. <br>
David Jukl | Kiev (Ukraine) | 04.01.2016 09:45
Thank you for having good time in Kiev. It was my pleasuere to meet FX professionals and share our thoughts. What I really appreciated was the presence of broker Instaforex