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Jaroslav Kerka | Prague (Czech Republic) | 20.05.2018 21:26
Dekuji za super den straveny na vasem seminari, je take skvele , ze jsi mohu stahnout prezentace . Super projekt k priblizeni a nastartovani. Dekuji a jen tak dale
MayLi Chan | Singapore (Singapore) | 04.11.2017 18:37
ShowFXAsia was a day of discovery and enlightenment for me. The choice of speakers and topics catered to all levels of investor experience. I, for one, found Stuart McPhee's Trading Strategies for Changing Markets very relevant to questions I had. It was definitely an educational event and I came away with lots of inspiration. I hope it will be back very soon. Please keep me posted.
Teo Soon Pin Louis | Singapore (Singapore) | 01.11.2017 07:10
ShowFx Asia gave me a great overview of the forex market with each speaker touching on different topics which give us a bigger picture of trading. To many, forex is a tool that isn't suited for retailers due to it's high risk nature. However, Mr Wayne Ho made a incredible lecture on how risk management is the most important skill one should and must pick up during forex trading. These emphasis on risk management makes sense as if you dont manage your risk, you can never handle the pressure once your trades go against you even though it's minor noises especially if you overleverage. All in all, i must say im impressed with this convention and hope to see more convention with more speakers touching on different topics and let the world know forex is a tool for passive income as well as long as you learn how to wield this tool. Cheers!
NUR ZAITAH | Singapore (Singapore) | 31.10.2017 11:24
I find this event helpful. The speakers display useful information about forex market such as elliot wave principles and ARAS/ASAR setup. This remind of one person I would like recommend to be on stage to present his trading strategy to the audience. He make uses of support and resistance levels where price might bounces or breaks. This is his email address, I strongly recommend him to share his knowledge to traders out there who are still looking for ways to improve their trading skills.
Kan Arthur | Singapore (Singapore) | 24.10.2017 10:05
I have attended quite a fair number of Fx trade shows before and it is always refreshing to attend yet again, the ShowFxAsia here in Singapore. As I am no longer a fresh newbie trader, the thing I look forward most is to learn something new from the wide array of presenters. Most times, other trade shows would simply have exhibitors and presenters making sales pitches, so having more speakers that impart real and useful techniques would be a big draw for traders like myself. This year, thunderous applause goes to Don Imran from SuperForex Malaysia that so unreservedly came and taught us his ARAS & ASAR method. His patience to clarify the queries from several of us that approached him after his presentation, is just Super Bonus for me! 8) Of course, keeping up with new developments from other providers is always something we traders try to look out for, so it is good to see some of that in the show. I am just thinking that the sponsors might have to do a bit more in order to attract new sign-ups, as I believe that most whom attended are already trading and would have to switch or open new accounts. So there must be something compelling for us to want to do that; and frankly, I personally did not feel much compelled to... I know that the quantum of forex traders in Singapore has been growing a lot over the years, and it surprised me somewhat that the number of attendants to the ShowFxAsia has seem not to be able to reflect that growth in market participation. There's probably some need to tweak the organiser's means to reach out to them perhaps. Pity that many are otherwise missing out on such an exciting and well organized event! I look forward much to the next ShowFxAsia! 8)
Iren Vr | Bratislava (Slovakia) | 24.07.2017 00:40
The conference in Bratislava was incredibly fascinating, instructive and at the same time humming in a pleasant atmosphere, all the performers were admirable, Mr. Sasin forced us to work with him and that made us a lot to learn. Thanks for an unforgettable day and useful information. I.V.
Filip Bal | Bratislava (Slovakia) | 12.07.2017 08:34
Hello , thank you for great confererence. That was brutal motivation . Peter Sasin is a excellent speaker. Other speakers had super thoughts , but they could have more interesting presentations . Thanks a lot . Carpe diem.