Obchodujeme.eu website for you for 10 years brings news from the world of Expert Advisors. It currently offers a range of systems based on technical and fundamental analysis and also deals with programming AOS to order. 

What are Expert Advisors? 

EA is a simple and efficient way to trade FOREX. These are computer programs based on technical analysis that, based on data from the FOREX market, will determine when to buy and sell. Fully and automatically generates trade instructions by themselves and by using Metatrader 4, entered the market. The investor does not in any way interfere in the strategy or guidelines. The client has a chance to monitor their account in real time and stop the system at any time. 

Top product of Obchodujeme.eu website is the EA Bratislava Premium Edition. It is a system that uses spectral analysis, which analyzes the full spectrum of opportunities for great input into the trade and selects only those which can be statistically predicted at a high probability of a successful trade. The first version of this product was released in 2008. Since 2009, the robot successfully participated in several investment competitions and was further developed in the light of market developments. 

Today, the website Obchodujeme.eu provides its services in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Poland.
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