Mohd Zulkifli Mohd Din
Developer of the FMCBR Trading Method
Mohd Zulkifli Mohd Din, also known as Coach Zul, has over 15-year experience in forex trading. He is a developer of the FMCBR Trading Method that unites two methods to analyze the market. The first one is Fibo Musang (FM) and the second one Candlesticks Break and Retest (CBR) Together they form FMCBR which is a combination of the above abbreviations. These two methods complement each other and help traders enter the market. Coach Zul is one of the TOP ShowFx World Online speakers - he gathers over 1,000 people at every webinar! He has a network of over 5,000 students from Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.
Ahmad Hazman
Ahmad Hazman (AhManFx) is an expert in Support & Resistance, Market Structure, and Candlestick Patterns. As a founder of THE CHARTIST company, since 2017 he has been guiding thousands of traders from Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and Indonesia. He regularly publishes articles related to the currency market and technical analysis. Ahmad provides forex learning classes on a daily basis, technical analysis courses as well as online webinars and seminars.
Tusvendran Pillai
Tusvendran Pillai is the founder of TECHTRADERS FX ACADEMY. The technique taught there is the Technical Analysis or Naked Chart Trading. TECHTARDERS FX was founded by Tusvendran Pillai in 2017, and since then, he has educated hundreds of thousands of traders in his country and abroad. As a technical analyst, he actively publishes articles related to the currency market and technical analysis. He has organized a lot of Technical Analysis courses as well as online trading courses, webinars, and seminars. Tusvendran actively shares technical analysis weekly and daily with more than 15,000 traders!
Helmi Affandi
Founder of Jaguh Academy
Coach Helmi has trading experience since 2010 and teaching experience since 2018. He has trained and assisted over 300 traders in his Jaguh Academy. He provides free YouTube trading training and helps people to become full-time traders and fund managers. 
Dato Mohd Faris Jay
Founder of RZ Academy
Dato Mohd Faris Bin Jamaluddin, also known as Dato Mohd Faris Jay, has been trading since 2010 as a part-time trader. He received the prestigious award Top 5 Trading Championship in Dubai. Besides, he has been a corporate fund manager in Malaysia since 2017. Dato Mohd Faris Jay is a founder of RZ Academy that provides full support for newbie, intermediate and advanced traders. The syllabus in the academy has been arranged by the needs of each trader category.
Ridzuan Rahman
Coach on trading on financial markets
Muhamad Ridzuan Abd Rahman (Trader Santai) has trading experience since 2006. He is an expert in the following areas: 1. Developing trader`s flow 2. Trading Systems Development & Testing 3. Data mining & Optimization 4. Trading Journal and Corrective Action 5. Capital & Risk Management 6. Psychology and Emotion Management Ridzuan Rahman trained more than 5,000 traders for the past 6 years, mostly through seminars and workshops organized by brokers and marketing groups. Moreover, he wrote several hundred articles about trading and shared them on social media. From July 2006 to November 2018, he held 2-day seminars for more than 800 traders. He also conducts his own research and development in Financial Instrument Trading. He shares his view on how to become a `trained trader` to face any problem that arises during trading.
Gero Azrul
Founder of Road To FTT
Gero Azrul has been a Forex trader since 2007. He helps tens of thousands of newbie and experienced traders, especially in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and Indonesia. In the first three years of his trading experience, he suffered very serious losses, which led him to find a unique formula for solving trading problems. Since the beginning of 2017, he has helped many traders for free through the Road To FTT YouTube channel. His experience in the financial market: 14 years in Forex Trading & Metals, focusing on consistent concepts and long-term wealth creation Over 50 thousand YouTube subscribers are assisted every day non-stop since 2017 More than 8,000 active traders on Telegram chat discuss analysis based on knowledge from Gero Azrul every day The winner of Best Trading Guru Malaysia, Traders Awards 2020 Road To FTT, a community founded by Gero Azrul, was named the Best Media For Trader 2020 Malaysia, Traders Awards Author of the book BBmastery The Game Changer and founder of Road to Full Time
Khalid Hamid
Khalid Hamid (or better known as MK) is one of the influential traders in Malaysia. He started his trading career in 2007 when he was studying at the university. In 2011,  he founded TFS PRICE ACTION TRADING that focuses on the education of traders in Bahasa Melayu. MK has been chosen as the "Finexpo Best Trading Guru in Malaysia", an international recognition, in 2018 and 2019. More than 100,000 traders from Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia have benefited through his sharings on social media as well as the TFSPAT guides he has produced.
Nazri Naz
Founder of Traders Mentor
Nazri Naz is the founder of Traders Mentor Training Studio in Kuala Lumpur (since 2008) with overseas training experience in Singapore, Brunei, Qatar and Manchester (the UK). Nazri Naz`s awards: NO.1 Best Trading Educator in Malaysia by Asia Traders Awards 2019 NO.1 Best Media For Traders in Malaysia by Asia Traders Awards 2019 The Most Popular Forex Trainer in Malaysia by Wiki KL Finance Summit 2019 NO.1 Best Media For Traders in Malaysia by Asia Traders Awards 2018
Mohamad Fairos Abdul Rahim
Fund Manager in InstaForex
Mohamad Fairos is one of the best Fund Managers in InstaForex who has experience in Forex trading since 2005. Has participated in several forex trader competitions. Mohamad Fairos is a programmer for Robot EA (expert Advisor). His robots are also used by some account managers to run in their ForexCopy accounts. His achievements are consistent at USD 5,000 per month. His largest withdrawal record is USD 70,000 which he obtained with the starting capital of USD 3,000.
Hafiz Rahman
Coach in Jaguh Academy
Hafiz Rahman started trading on financial markets and derivatives back in 2009 with US stocks and options while he was a university student. His first profit was trading Yahoo options that pocketed him USD 6,000.00 in two weeks. Since then, he never looked back and diversified his portfolio in trading futures, CFD and Forex. He learned trading financial markets from the best in the business like Kishore M, Jim Rogers (commodity guru), Greg Secker, Chris Lori (CFA) and Mr Kamal Kasiman, founder of Jaguh Academy. After the passing of Mr Kamal, he is actively coaching & mentoring Jaguh Academy`s students with his weekly class & market review. 
Ed Matts
Professional trader and founder of
After reading economics at The University of Oxford, and a successful career as a Citibank trader, Ed Matts was a pioneer in technical analysis providing highly actionable advice to traders at major financial institutions for over 20 years. He consistently makes the right call on FX, indices, gold and oil, as his 30,000 loyal followers on Twitter and Stocktwits know.Ed`s specialty is fractals, determining the future from previous price/action which he uses in combination with Elliott Wave theory and his FITS (Fundamental, Intermarket, Technical, Sentiment) approach. This produces a well rounded, accessible and highly effective approach to macro trading, with very accurate results.  In June 2016 he started his company providing signals and analysis to subscribers. Since then, the service has delivered fresh accurate analysis every day, and a performance of over 22,000 pips (around 150%) in the 21 months since launch.
Tom Hougaard
Hedge Fund Trader
Tom Hougaard is a private professional trader with an enviable track record. He has through his live trading room in 2018 alone generated 200% return over just 21 trading days. Tom has a past on the London financial scene where he worked as the Chief Market Strategist for a UK broker, where he was a regular feature on CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg and BBC. These days he spends trading for himself as well as announcing his trade signals on his private trading channel on Telegram.
Chris Lori
Chris Lori is a CTA, CFTC registered and member NFA. Chris trades through London and Singapore private banks and clearing firms where he manages personal and private funds. With fifteen-year experience trading foreign exchange, Chris maintains top level experience in spot, carry, structured options and forwards for FX trading and positioning in the institutional environment. Chris has educational background in securities and began focused study on foreign exchange in 1998, started trading in 2000 and managing funds in 2003. Chris has years of experience testing and applying interbank price delivery, which is the foundation to his intraday trading models. For longer term positions, Chris uses fractal concept combined with fundamentals. Chris believes that one must first construct a proper development plan as a framework to the creation of an effective trading model and become an independent thinker to succeed in the FX marketplace.  Previous to Chris` FX career, he competed in four Olympic Winter Games in the sport of bobsledding, won the Overall World Cup title, twenty two world cup medals and nine crystal globes for Overall World Cup final standings and was twice an Olympic Torch Bearer. Chris has been a model athlete in his native of Canada.
Mario Singh
International Forex expert, author and educator
As a world-renowned Forex educator, Mario Singh has trained private bankers from Julius Baer - the third largest Swiss bank in the world with assets under management of CHF 340 billion, and bankers from ICBC - one of the largest commercial banks in the world with a market capitalization of USD 269 billion. A widely sought-after expert in the Forex industry, Mario has appeared more than 40 times on CNBC and Bloomberg, each time giving his market views to an estimated 350 million viewers worldwide. His two best-selling books `17 Proven Currency Trading Strategies` and `Unlocking the World`s Largest Financial Secret` are endorsed by world-famous billion-dollar fund managers like Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group, and David Kotok, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Cumberland Advisors. Mario`s articles has been regularly featured in national publications in Asia Pacific and Europe, including BTInvest and My Paper in Singapore, CNFOREX in China, Your Trading Edge in Australia, Finanzna Chrichten in Germany, and international news sites like MarketWatch, StreetInsider, Yahoo Finance and many more. Other media appearances by Mario include ChannelNewsAsia, Smart Investor, Personal Money, Straits Times, FXStreet and Forex Magnates. As founder and CEO of FX1 Academy, Mario has trained thousands of retail investors on how to trade Forex profitably. Graduates include people from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, China, India, Australia, Switzerland, Venezuela and the United States. In 2014, FX1 Academy bagged the prestigious `Best Forex Education Provider` by International Finance Magazine in London.
Peter Sasin
Coach, bestselling author and NLP Trainer
Peter Sasin - is the author of the best-seller TRIUMPH, Transformational Master-Speaker, Certified NLP Trainer. He is co-founder of the NLP Akademia, as well as the Transformational Speakers Academy, which helps people maximize their rhetorical skills and take full advantage of them.Peter specializes in human psychology and transformation communication. He is also the maker of the great results achieving system: M.A.G.I.C. Reality Creator and other transformational programs that help people discover and live their full potential.
Conrad Alvin Lim
Financial Trainer
Conrad is a renowned Singaporebased Professional Online Trader, Bestselling Author, Financial Trainer, Public Speaker, Consultant and Entrepreneur. He has established himself as Singapore and Malaysia`s leading educator on finance and economics for trading, investing and business. He is very sought after for his intimate knowledge of Macroeconomics, Sector Rotation, Technical Analysis and short term trading techniques including Swing Trading, Cyclical Trading and Scalping. He is also known for his unique and simplified application of Candlesticks Analysis and Fibonacci for his Defensive and Psychological approach to trading.Conrad created and runs his own Pattern Trader Tutorial and advanced trading tutorials tutorials for short term traders and long term investors. Along with Adam Khoo, he co-founded AKLTG`s Wealth Academy and Wealth Academy Investor programs. In May 2007, `Secrets of Millionaire Investors` coowritten by Conrad with Adam Khoo, debuted at #4 and went on to become the Nation`s #1 Best Seller. It remained amongst the top 4 bestsellers for 13 straight weeks. Conrad also created and designed the `Candlestick Patterns Quick Reference Cards` which was also released in May 2007 and has since sold more than 10,000 copies in worldwide. Two other bestselling books were released in 2008. `Profit From The Panic` went to #1 and `Secret Psychology Of Millionaire Traders` hit the top ten list. His second in the series of Quick Reference Cards, `Breakout Patterns` was also launched that year and has sold more than 8,000 copies to date. His latest outing as a solo author, `Winning Psychology Of Defensive Traders` was released in May 2014.  More information at: and
Dr. Choo Koon Lip
Founder/Director, FOREX ASIA
Recognized as one of the World`s Youngest Forex Educator in trading industry, Koon Lip is ranked as one of the top trading and investment educators by many authoritative media and featured in various media. Koon Lip is first a trader, then an educator and asset manager dealing with funds and investment-linked trusts. His flagship programme FOREX INTENSIVE was awarded `The Best Forex Education Project in Asia` back in ShowFx Asia Expo 2009. Many of his students are now full-time traders and some are already his competitors conducting trading and investment courses. 
Ezekiel Chew
Founder of Asiaforexmentor
Ezekiel Chew, founder of Asia`s Largest Forex Education company - Asiaforexmentor is a professional forex trader and trading mentor. He is highly sought after for his forex insights and trading skills. Ezekiel amassed the skill of forex trading at a young age and has since directly impacted the lives of many through his teaching and mentoring.   Ezekiel is known to turn failing traders into success stories. Amassed with a huge passion of teaching, Ezekiel has a flair to connect with people and the ability to find the specific reason of traders who aren`t making money and proceed to set them right. Ezekiel is also a highly-acclaimed coach and speaker where his talks inspire and influence people to get up and achieve big. His clients have included thousands of trainee traders, bank traders and private trading institutions. Ezekiel`s newsletters, products and appearances now inspire nearly hundreds of thousands people a month.
Bert Antonik
Private Trader, FX Market Analyst, Trading Trainer and Personal Mentor
 - Retired US Navy Commander,  - Prior Online Trading Academy instructor with more than 4 decades of trading experience.  - Amassed trading materials worth well in excess of $160,000.00 to learn what really works.  - Motivational trainer for `Zig Ziglar` who was the inspirational mentor to Tony Robbins.  - Outstanding experience in different professional spheres from military service, private corporations, entrepreneurship and public speaking.  - Develops and teaches trader training courses on technical analysis strategies.  - Is sought after as a personal mentor, trading plan instructor and corporate technical analysis trainer.
Ivan Kabulaev
Managing director at Investcafe, professional investor and trader
Before Investcafe, he did investment banking in the spheres of crude refining, real estate, information technologies, transportation, and telecommunication services. In 2002-2005, he worked in property estimate consulting. He graduated from the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation with a degree in Finance and Credit. In 2005-2006, he served as a stock analyst in a Russian investment holding FINAM where he created and supported investment coverage for the main public companies of the telecommunication, IT, and hi-tech industries and also was responsible for composing and rebalancing benchmark portfolio in the telecommunication sector. In 2006-2010, he worked in one of the largest Russian independent investment houses Troika-Dialog where he rose to a vice-president from a consultant. He managed the biggest annuity real estate fund in Russia Commercial Real Estate and made deals for a total amount of more than $200 million. He also was a member of the fund`s investment committee and was responsible for analytical data. He holds a Federal Financial Markets Service certificate 5.0. He speaks fluent English. His professional interests include investment banking, merger transactions, venture capital investments, and assets management.
Vladimir Ribakov
The Signals & Mentoring club founder
Professional trader with 11 years of experience trading for hedge funds, brokers and financial institutions. In recent years, Vladimir has stopped providing his trading for institutions, and decided to trade independently for his own accounts. When Vladimir was exposed to the online community of self-traders, and realized the need for serious and professional guidance, he took the challenge and started mentoring traders and publicizing his trading strategies. Today Vladimir writes in his popular personal trading blog ( and heads his Forex Signals & Mentoring club where he provides trades live on a daily basis, plus online Live Trading Room. Additionally, Vladimir released his strategies as software plug-ins for the popular MetaTrader platform: Forex LST System & Simulator (2012) Pips Carrier (2010) Vladimir is sRs Trend Rider (2010) Vladimir has published e-books in English, teaching the technical analysis methods that he developed throughout the years, sharing his market insights and experience.
Ilshat Bayturin
Professional trader, ForexLab creator
CME and Forex trader since 2008.Ilshat is a creator of his own unique method and style of trading. He is a developer oftrading systems and a certified online tutor. Ilshat specializes in tradingbased on technical analysis. He developed his own style and approach in tradingby correcting his and other traders` mistakes. It is faster and easier toachieve good results by realizing what direction to follow and what pitfalls toavoid than by trying to get an overall picture from myriad pieces of knowledge. In 2009, Ilshat created an educational project called ForexLab, which is an independentresource for forex traders. It is popular among lots of market participants.Ilshat worked for some major international brokers where he launched educational projects fortheir clients.
Amanjol Rysmendiev
President of EST System, a popular business coach
Amanjol Rysmendiev is the president of EST System, a popular business coach, and an internationally recognized expert in leadership and business development. Forty thousand people attend his seminars and workshops every year. Amanjol was one of the first business writers in Kazakhstan. He is the author of a number of business-related books including `Orlay` and `Bisnestegi 5 Karu`. The attendees of his workshops are politicians, students, celebrities, Olympic athletes, lawmakers, and successful entrepreneurs.  
Petr Podhajsky
Trader and founder of
Petr has been continuously practicing financial market trading since graduating from University of Economics in Prague. He is a strong proponent of the diversification and use of different business approaches and tools. Today he reaches high trading results by applying highly systematic strategies based on various tactics - ranging from following order flow on low timeframes, swing trading to long-term trading to season in many financial markets. His alghoritms are in majority managed by his Python based management system. Since 2003, he publishes the largest domestic stock trading website - and co-authored several top-selling publications on stock exchange trading in the Czech Republic. He is a sought-after lecturer in the field of exchange strategy education and is well-appreciated especially for the ability to pass on even advanced know-how to both beginner and experienced traders.
Ondrej Hartman
Professional trader and founder of
Ondrej is a successful professional forex trader and one of the most distinguished traders in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He is the founder of, the most visited trading portal in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For many years, he has passed his experience to both novice and professional traders. Distributing quality information about trading is perceived as its mission.
Alistair Crooks
Head trader and trainer at Traders Support Club
At the age of 40 Ali Crooks has been trading for the last sixteen years. He has worked with some of the top Forex and commodities traders, both in the UK and in the US, with many of them now his close friends. He is the founder and head trader and trainer at Traders Support Club. `I focus my trading around two trend based methodologies that I have refined over a five year period. I have traded successfully through one bear and two bull markets and I still spend time working with and learning from some of the best traders and investors around the world. I help all types of traders, at all levels, ditch their bad habits, realise how to approach trading correctly, step over their emotional hurdles, trade for real and get them to grow their accounts in a consistent way.` In 2011 Ali was asked by Rich Dad Education to be part of their board of Global Advisors where he shared with over 2800 delegates, his skills, insights and passion for Forex trading. He has been asked to speak and coach all over the world and has been a keynote-trading speaker, sharing the stage with the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, James Caan, Mike Maloney, Dr John DeMartini, Erin Brockovich, Kelly Holmes MBE and Penny Power OBE. More recently Ali was one of only two traders willing to trade his own account live in front of 400 eager delegates at the 2015 London Forex Show. Recently Ali was asked by Jordan Belfort to speak alongside him at one of his exclusive events specifically to share his knowledge and application of trading. He is the co-author of the book Madness Of Money and is the one of the UK`s most sought after trading coach and mentor. Ali`s trading technique: Trend based momentum day and swing trading using price and moving average based trading techniques.
Zen Alldredge
Lead Forex Instructor & Trader at The Trading Empire
Zen Alldredge is a Professional Forex Trader with a proven record for predicting the weekly market moves with almost ninety percent accuracy for the last five consecutive years and counting. Known worldwide for his bold and honest teaching and coaching, Zen has helped thousands of retail traders become professionals who earn their living through private trading and who manage large portfolios for savvy investors. Zen traded for one of the funds in the UK, was named favorite weekly author contributor for ForexTrading.TV, and is a frequent contributor for Trading Pub & FxStreet. Zen founded the revolutionary Strike Zone Trading System, the very one used to project the market at The Trading Empire where he is the current President, Lead Trader, Educator and Consultant. With students in over 107 different countries and territories around the globe, Zen`s unique method teaches his traders to understand the market from behind the screen (from the Market Makers point of view).
Mark Owen
Trader and Managing Director of Phoenix Blue
Mark has made dramatic progression within the trading world, creating a reputation for himself globally as one of the finest educators on trading the financial markets. Mark has taught & presented in many countries, including trading for high net worth individuals using a proprietary system developed from COT analysis and executed through technical analysis, that Mark has refined. He is naturally able to communicate his experiences and intuition too anyone that is eager to understand more about the trading world.
Josef Tetek
Cryptocurrency consultant
Josef Tetek is a cryptocurrency consultant and journalist. He graduated from University of Economics in Prague and worked as a business analyst in various industries before getting involved in cryptocurrency industry in 2015.  Josef wrote for various Czech magazines and blogs about economics, political philosophy and cryptocurrencies (including,, Board member of Czech think-tank Liberalni Institut, co-founder of consulting company Bit agency. 
Petar Jacimovic
InstaForex Analyst
Petar was born on July 08, 1989 in Serbia. Graduated from Economy University and after has worked as a currency analyst for large private investors. Petar has been involved in the world of finance since 2007. In his trading he specializes in price action, market profile with the combination of the trading regimes (trend,balanced). He also writes the market analytical reviews for Forex forums and websites. Moreover Petar is forex teacher and has wide experience in tutoring and conducting webinars. Interests: finance, travelling, sports, music `The key to success is hard work`
Sebastian Seliga
InstaForex analyst
Sebastian Seliga is an author of a popular trading blog and Number 1 technical analyst on the Polish version of portal.  He has worked for leading financial companies in Poland where he actively traded on NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ exchanges.  Sebastian started Forex trading in 2009 and mastered Elliott Wave Principle approach to the markets by developing and implementing his own trading strategies of Forex analysis. Since 2012, he has been writing analitical reviews based on EWP for blogs and for Forex websites and forums. He has developed several on-line projects devoted to Forex trading and investments.  He had been nominated to FxCuffs 2018 Awards in two categories: Blog of the Year and Analyst of the Year.
Dominik Stroukal
Economist, author and cryptocurrencies expert
Dominik Stroukal is a Chief Economist at Roklen, Czech financial group. He is the author of the first Czech book about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin: The Money of the Future (in Czech, 2015, second edition 2018). He is leading a crypto-consulting company bit agency. He was a director of Liberalni institut and a president of the Czech and Slovak Ludwig von Mises Institute. He holds a Ph.D. in Economic Theories and MA in Media Studies. He is a lecturer at the CEVRO Institute University. He is currently doing research on cryptocurrencies, business cycles, and labor economics.

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