Elena Avramova

(Moscow exhibition 8-9 september, 2012)
Head of Affiliate Department at Traders Union

On September 8-9 Radisson Royal welcomed the 5th annual exhibition Moscow Finance and Investment Expo 2012. The event was organized with the participation of brokers, regulators, representatives of mass media and information portals.

Traditionally, the booth of the international broker InstaForex has not been left without attention even for a minute. In addition to an opportunity to receive the off-line consultation from the specialists of the company, the guests were able to partake in a unique campaign, arranged by InstaForex in co-operation with ShowFx World: every person, who brought their friend to the exhibition, received up to $100 deposited to a newly opened trading account!

Having visited the RAFMM booth the guests of the exhibition were able to discuss different issues with the President of the Association, such as the prospects of Forex market regulation development in Russia and CIS countries, and also be professionally consulted regarding disputable questions.

Moscow Finance and Investment Expo 2012 was also attended by the representatives of the Forex Traders International Union (MOFT) - the first official international cooperation of Forex traders. It is important to mention, that according to the results of voting held at the website of ShowFx World, MOFT was acknowledged as the Best Rebate Service 2011.

Admirers of option trade were glad to visit the booth of Corsa Capital - the company specializing in this type of trading. The guests of the exhibition received the advisory assistance of the professional and also could open a real trading account right in the booth

The exhibition stand of a large information Forex portal MT5.com was not left without attention as well. The visitors of Moscow Finance and Investment Expo 2012 were offered to find out more about the services of the portal and get pleasant presents.

Moscow Finance and Investment Expo 2012 guests received a very nice surprise prepared by the organizers: there were two speakers at the exhibition, Roman Bogomazov and Dave Landry. Roman Bogomazov delivered a lecture "Commonality of obstacles for trading professionals", Dave Landry spoke about "Trading Trends For Both Short-Term And Longer-Term Gains".

Inspired by the speech of a charismatic lecturer, the audience did not want Dave to leave. They kept asking more and more new questions: What do you think about Gann method? Why don`t you use candlesticks in trading? What MA indicators do you use?

One of the debutants of ShowFx World was Viktor Pershikov with his lecture "The Modern Technical Analysis of Forex Market"; and also Stanislav Zelensky with the lecture on "Fibonacci as the Method of Conservative Trading". The regular speakers of ShowFx World - Gleb Kabanov and Sergey Belyaev - also took part in the event. Gleb Kabanov was speaking about the influence of the monetary policy stimulation on the Forex market. Sergey Belyaev devoted his speech to using indicators in Forex trading.

As any other event carried out by ShowFx World, the exhibition Moscow Finance and Investment Expo 2012 presented some surprises to the visitors. At the event, the guests were able to win a few certificates of $500 deposit from InstaForex Company, smart-phones Samsung Galaxy and iPhone. The culmination point of the event was a lottery with the main prize - a tablet computer Galaxy Tab. "What additional trading instrument does InstaForex company have?" - and the correct answer to this question brought one of the guests a desired tablet.

"Moscow Finance and Investment Expo 2012 was an anniversary exhibition arranged by ShowFx World in Moscow. Inevitably, soon we will be able to make conclusions. The interest to the financial markets in Russia continues growing and developing, which means that our exhibitions in Moscow will be regular", - state the organizers of the event. For every interested trader to get into the world of finance, we plan to broaden the horizons and spread to new regions. We hope that outside Moscow the exhibitions will be interesting to the participants as well as to the visitors of the events.

The international exhibition brand ShowFx World is grateful to the guests, participants and partners of Moscow Finance and Investment Expo 2012.

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