Business Section Novosibirsk (June, 2015)

On June 27, one of the most prestigious events in the financial and forex industries, a ShowFx World conference, will take place for the first time in Novosibirsk. The venue is the conference hall of the Novosibirsk Marriott Hotel.

People around the globe are warmly welcome at events under the ShowFx World brand. On a yearly basis, the company arranges at least 10 expositions and conferences around the world. The company views its mission as improvement of traders` professional skills and promotion of financial awareness and the investment basics among the population.

ShowFx World has expanded the geography of its events beyond the boundaries of Russia and the CIS countries. Events are held in global financial hubs. Nowadays, the company has staged forex events in Moscow, Kyiv, Riga, Almaty, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Nicosia, Singapore, and Dubai. Events under this brand will be launched in other cities.

ShowFx World events unite leading players of financial markets such as brokerage firms, analysts, finance and investments companies etc. Importantly, the company provides quality training in forex trading and personal money management. So the company cooperates with world-renowned financial experts. Among our speakers are Steve Ward, Robert Colville, Charlie Burton, Stuart McPhee, Dave Landry, Bert Antonik, Gavin Holmes and others.

Anna Deli, a representative at ShowFx World, speaks about the upcoming conference, "In the modern economic landscape, city dwellers have to tackle a question of crucial importance: how to achieve financial independence. In the recent years, professional trading has been growing in popularity. 20 years ago, not many people dared to trade on Forex. In contrast, nowadays daily trading turnover on Forex equals billions of dollars. Anyone is capable of gaining profits in financial markets. Nevertheless, we realize that one should spend months and even years on reading professional literature and training. These are essentials which transform trading from gambling into wise investments. At ShowFx World events, we give people the opportunity to learn the basic knowledge about trading and pick up experience from skilled trading practitioners.

Besides, Russia has to survive the aftermath of the recent financial crisis, a crash of the Russian ruble, and economic sanctions. These negatives came as a blow to any Russian household. Therefore, at our latest forex events, we put a high priority on burning issues like currency forecasts and personal money management.

At our first conference in Novosibirsk, we will be glad to see seasoned traders and those who are interested in forex trading and finances in general. The agenda includes free seminars on forex trading strategies from analysts Vladislav Tyukhmenev and Aleksandr Davydov. Moreover, our speaker Gleb Zadoya is familiar to every professional trader. He is a well-known forex expert and video blogger who regularly appears on the Russian radio and federal TV channels, including The Russian Business Channel (RBC), TV Center, and Channel One.

Last but not least, the highlight of the conference will be a special speaker. Aleksandr Evstegneev is a founder of the Money Alphabet educational web resource, entrepreneur, and writer. He has coached over 10,000 people. His book Seven Steps to Financial Freedom was listed in the top ten books on finance and economics in 2013 according to Sapfir literary award. He will hold the seminar called Personal finances: how to have enough money at no cost."

The agenda will not be complete without prize draws. Importantly, we believe that financial knowledge should be available to anyone. Therefore, admission to all ShowFx World events is free of charge in case a guest registers in advance.

Here are some reviews on ShowFx World events posted in reputable financial blogs and periodicals.

"During a crisis, it is essential to gain skills in a wise allocation of personal savings and future incomes planning. Unfortunately, despite higher education and easy access to the Internet, most people still neglect the importance of financial awareness. However, this criterion is seen as a good barometer of future well-being. Interestingly, people can obtain new information free of charge nowadays. For example, they can visit events under the ShowFx World brand and absorb new ideas from leading analysts and financial experts at workshops on financial literacy, investments, and forex trading. Every guest will be able to apply valuable knowledge into practice. ShowFx World events are a perfect blend of presentations, versatile exhibitions, and meetings of like-minded people," makes a comment.

"The exposition was orchestrated at the top level. I wish such events were held more frequently. These expositions provide valuable insight into the principles of forex trading. They are immensely helpful to both professionals and novice traders," noted ikolai Kokar, a professional trader and founder of ThisInvest, a financial blog.

"The main secret behind success of ShowFx World expositions is a unique environment of a convenient and efficient forex facility which has generated a great variety of practical ideas for five years. They are being used by individual traders and companies in their operation. Thousands of traders found their brokerage firms and brokers found their clients. Thanks to formal and casual meetings, ShowFx World enabled a large number of partnership agreements and lucrative projects. So if you have not participated in ShowFx World events yet, feel free to join the community which creates fruitful ideas and contributes to mutually beneficial partnership," FxFactor, a magazine (February, 2014).