Interfax-Ukraine is a news agency which has been providing political and economic news around Ukraine since 1992.

Besides, the Interfax-Ukraine news agency operates as a part of the international news group, Interfax Information Service.

Over those years, the agency has earned a reputation as a well-established provider of reliable up-to-date information.

Through its channels, news releases from Ukraine are circulated among subscribers all over the world.

Nowadays, the agency releases over 50 information products on politics, finances, and economics in four languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, and German.

Interfax-Ukraine is the largest domestic news agency. According to the international research group, GfK Ukraine, this news provider is at the forefront among Ukrainian new agencies, judging by all main criteria of their performance such as references in mass media, a scale of an audience, the business community`s assessment of unbiased reporting, prompt new releases etc.

Interfax-Ukraine`s information flows are integrated into information sources of the leading global news agencies, Bloomberg and Reuters.

Interfax-Ukraine reports time-sensitive information related to politics, finances, and economics in Ukraine and in several countries meaningful to Ukraine like the EU, China, the post-Soviet countries etc.

Interfax-Ukraine produces a variety of information products which are presented to customers in any convenient format with the use of new methods of processing information flows. A few information products are unique for the domestic market.

Interfax-Ukraine is an active participant in the European Business Association and the US Chamber of Commerce. Ukraine`s news agency offers generous discounts to all members of these organizations and plays an active part in their activities, lobbying interest of their members.

Among clients of the news agency are banks, embassies, insurance and financial companies, industrial and trade companies, mass media, foreign diplomatic missions, political parties, domestic public agencies, law firms, and audit firms.

Services from Interfax-Ukraine are widely used by the solvent audience including bankers, officials, diplomats, private entrepreneurs, top executives, middle management, spokespersons, journalists, politicians, lawyers, auditors, advisers, analysts, and other categories of `white collars`.

All above-mentioned principles of Interfax-Ukraine`s operation ensures that our clients receive reliable, prompt, and unbiased information which is delivered in any convenient format, thus being a beneficial practical tool for running efficient business in Ukraine. Moreover, cooperation with the agency makes a company recognizable and enhances a public image of entrepreneurs, conveys a company`s message to the authorities, Ukrainian mass media, and the expert community.

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