Power Coaching

Power Coaching s.r.o. is a coaching and educational institution which has been operating since 2011. The company offers special care for firms and individuals via  business and personal coaching sessions, mentoring, personally tailored diagnostics, accredited courses and workshops. An emphasis on feedback helps the company to deliver specialised programs targeted to individual needs.

Power Coaching employs experienced coaches, lecturers, psychologists, sales managers and marketing professionals. Coaching is offered in 3 languages (Slovak, English, Hungarian).

Power Coaching helps clients to find the best solutions in both personal and professional life.  The company also provides individualised coaching to a number of firms with great results in the professional growth of employees, managers and directors, with an associated influence on the growth of the company itself. Business coaching, business strategies planning, crisis and conflict resolution, strategic success planning and achieving set goals are the specialities of Power Coaching. 

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