Mike Hamilton - TradeTheEasyWay founder and head trader, Sandton Direct Managing Director

A successfull currency, commodity and forex trader. Mike started trading in 1984 using a simple value strategy and went on to learn technical analysis with top UK and US traders.

Straight out of School, Mike started work in the insurance industry. Soon after, he started trading his own account using a basic value system in UK mid cap stocks. Helped set up and run a financial communcations consultancy working with a range of UK and European business; the business ended up specialising in annual reports for ftse small and mid caps.

With experience in trading, financial products and now the inside of boardrooms he embarked on a journey of training and mentorships in technical analysis with the help of several top UK and US traders.

A selection of the highlights of his successful trading career include:

- Selling 80% of his share portfolio 2 hours before the September 87 US trade figures came out his value system said the market was too high.

- Buying .coms in the late 90s but selling most of his stock in mid January 2000 about 3 weeks before the selloff

- Set up in full time trading in 2006

- Trading Commodity futures in 06/07 as oil was running up to $150 and the grains were trending and experiencing `limit up` days

- Trading gold in the 0709 charge to $1900

- Trading forex and stocks as QE set thee markets alight in 2009

- TV interviews spelling out the potential for the bull market in GBPJPY

Today Mike specializes in trading and mentoring traders through to professional level.

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