Bryan Noble - Professional Trader and Founder of

Bryan Noble has been a Futures Trader for 30 years, initially with Banque Nationale de Paris (now BNP Paribas) for 10 years and then Ulster Bank Markets before setting up a floor trading business in FINEX, a trading floor division of the New York Cotton Exchange, in the fledgling IFSC Dublin in 1995.

When FINEX closed a few years ago, he continued to trade his own account and still do so today. Through his blog at, Bryan talks a lot about the futures markets, in particular the Euro currency versus the Dollar, the main Stock Market Indices such as the S&P500, the DOW, the FTSE and the DAX. He has also been known on occasions to trade Commodities and Bond Markets. Having seen so many `would be` traders try their luck in this business over the years and end up losing a lot of money and walking away from it, Bryan is interested in passing on as much information as possible to those who see trading as a potential full or part time career.

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